Royal Tay Yacht Club
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Rental of Club Facilities



Current list of charges – download

General Conditions for all facilities

Procedure for new applications

Renewal of subscriptions

Dealing with default

Specific conditions for the boatpark

Specific conditions for moorings


General Conditions

The Boat Parks, sheds, lockers and moorings are for the use of RTYC members and visitors accorded temporary membership.

Boats and equipment are stored at the owners’ risk. RTYC does not accept any responsibility for the safe keeping of boats and equipment.  Minimal equipment should be left in boats.

The Club will not accept any liability for personal injury arising out of the use of the Club premises and any other facilities of the Club sustained by members, their guests or visitors whether or not such damage or injury could have been attributed to or was occasioned by the neglect, default or negligence of any of the officers, committee or servants of the club.

All vessels must carry third party insurance at the minimum required level. This is currently £2 million.  Evidence of insurance cover must be produced on request.

Except in the case of visiting boats, boats may only be stored in the Boat Parks or sheds on payment of the required dues.

The rental is payable for the subscription period irrespective of the length of time a vessel is stored (except boatpark). No refunds will be made.

When a member no longer needs a facility, the relevant officer or club manager should be informed immediately.  Members who want to give up a facility should give notice to the club at least one month before the subscription becomes due for renewal to avoid being invoiced.

All rented facilities are non-transferable between members.

If a boat is to be substituted then this may be done as long as the replacement is in the same price category. However, the Club Manager should be notified immediately.  If the replacement is in a different price category, a replacement subscription will be issued.


Procedure for new applications

Any member wishing to apply for a facility should download an application form and follow the procedure.   After payment has been confirmed, the member may take up the facility.

A member accepting an offer less than requested need not give up his/her place on the waiting list. (e.g. accepting a small locker when a large locker is sought)



Two weeks prior to the end of the subscription period, an invitation to renew will be automatically sent by email.  It is the obligation of each member to pay their fees for the use of the facilities annually and by the date of renewal.  Members not using email should contact the club manager to arrange payment.   Any member not wishing to renew should contact the club manager at least one month prior to the end of the subscription period to avoid being invoiced.

Renewal dates are as follows

Boatpark, beach sheds, lockers and moorings – 1 April

Harbour shed – 1 November for the summer in arrears and winter in advance

Any queries should be addressed to the Club Manager.



Upon cessation of membership any boat stored must be removed immediately and/ or locker vacated.

In the event of non payment of boatpark dues or non compliance with the rules, the Club reserves the right to remove the boat from the stance occupied and re-locate it in the area duly marked in the West Park.  The boat will remain there until dues are paid/ compliance with accepted rules.

In the event of continual default/ abandonment of a vessel/ trailer/ equipment the Club has the right to dispose of any boat/ trailer/ equipment and recover any sums due.  Such action will only be taken after giving due notice or attempting to give due notice to last notified address.

In the event of non payment of a locker or shed, the member will be required to vacate within 14 days.  Thereafter, the locker/shed will be re-possessed and any property will be removed and held at the owner’s risk for six months.  Thereafter it will be disposed of.


Specific conditions for the Boatpark

Boats taking up a stance between 1 September and 31 December are charged half subscription.  Subscriptions taken out from 1 January rollover to the following year.

Members must ensure that:

  1. their boats are stored in the correct stances.
  2. all boats, equipment, trailers and trolleys are suitably identified
  3. in the case of tenders, they are securely chained and oars and rowlocks are removed
  4. their boats are sensibly stored and that they are tied down to prevent movement in high winds.
  5. loose rigging is tied off or secured to minimise “drumming” and possible annoyance to nearby residents.
  6. the stances occupied and the Boat Parks are kept tidy at all times. Debris and litter etc. must be disposed of immediately.
  7. the hose in the wash bay is left tidily and the tap is switched off after use.
  8. the Boat Parks and sheds are locked after use.
  9. Road trailers are not allowed to take up space in the dinghy park.  They may be stored under the launching trailer as long as they fit within the allocated stance.
  10. Wherever possible a bay in Shed 2 will be kept exclusively for Members to effect minor repairs on any boat damaged. This bay must be occupied for only the duration of the repairs or one week maximum except with the express permission of the Beach Master. No paint spraying or welding is to be carried out.


Specific conditions for moorings

  1. Fees are payable in full before moorings are laid
  2. The mooring plan will be made up after 1st April utilising valid applications only
  3. Consideration will be given to give boats their normal positions within the mooring plan; however the Mooring Officer’s decision will be final.
  4. Any mooring found to be defective in any way i.e. badly worn, shackles not wired etc. will not be laid till faults are rectified.
  5. Mooring buoys must be indelibly identified with boat and weight.
  6. No mooring may be laid within the club regulated area without a valid application being accepted and any mooring laid without consent is liable to be removed without warning.
  7. RTYC may lay the mooring belonging to someone who is not a club member, subject to the same conditions as a member.