Royal Tay Yacht Club
Promoting sailing in Dundee since 1885

Sail Training

Tay Sail Training Association (TSTA) was established with charitable status in 2003 by the members of Royal Tay Yacht Club (RTYC) with the prime objective “to provide community participation in healthy recreation by the provision of facilities for sailing” and in particular “the involvement and development of young people”.



TSTA operates from the premises of RTYC providing a programme of practical sailing courses for young people and adults in the community as well as a series of shore based winter courses. All practical courses are delivered by qualified instructors who provide their services on a voluntary basis, happy to invest their time to help develop a sport that offers so much to its participants as well as encouraging the recreational use of the wonderful natural resource of the waters of the Tay estuary.

Since inception all sums raised have been invested in training boats, safety boats, related equipment and the maintenance thereof. TSTA currently has a fleet of 25 training dinghies and 2 rigid inflatable safety boats. Every £1 raised for TSTA goes directly into meeting the charity aims.

Youth Regatta

Youth Regatta

As well as requiring funds to maintain its current activities, TSTA is seeking to expand its activities to provide sailing and related water sports to other sectors in the community in particular through the Active schools programme and its involvement with the local authority in its offsite education programme which will extend sailing opportunities to many more young people. TSTA is also keen to expand its existing work with providing sailing for those with disabilities or affected by long term illness.

All enquiries are welcome whether from prospective trainees or volunteers and should be addressed in the first instance to .