The Royal Tay Yacht Club has now moved to a new structure of a limited company. This company is led by a board of executive and non-executive directors with all the day to day operations managed by two committees, the Sports Committee and the Management Committee.


Meet every 2 months in the club house.

• Overall responsibility for governance and financial stewardship
• Planning and Development
• Health and Safety
• Legal and Compliance
• Capital Projects

Contact: Club Secretary, Frances Morrison

Euan Webster Chairman
Euan Webster, Chairman
Ralph Hopkins Commodore
Ralph Hopkins,   Vice Commodore
Sam Miller Vice Convener
Sam Miller,         Vice Convener
Sandy Bremner. Convener
Sandy Bremner, Convener
Stewart Murdoch, Club Development
Stewart Murdoch, Club Development
Ross Lorimer, Director
Ross Lorimer, Director
Gordon Shepherd, Finance
Gordon Shepherd, Finance
Becky Jackson-Hunt, Club Developement
Angus Broadhurst, Commodore
Ian Peart, Director

Sports Committee

Meet 1st Monday every month, in the club house.
• Day to day management of Sports activities
• Setting and running annual programme
• Running Events
• Management of Sports facilities – Boat Parks, Lockers, Changing rooms,
Harbour Shed and Moorings

Contact: Sports Administration, Steve Menhinick

Angus Broadhurst, Commodore
Fiona Jardine
Fiona Jardine,   Youth Sailing (Cadets)
Bob Gordon,    Sports Support
Malcolm Worsley
Malcolm Worsley, Training
Steve Menhinick, Sports Administration
Ralph Hopkins
Ralph Hopkins,   Vice Commodore

Management Committee

Meet 1st Monday every month, in the club house.
• Day to day management of non-Sports activities:
• Membership, Administration, Bookkeeping, Database & Property
• Club Staff
• Social and Catering
• Marketing and Communications

Contact: Club Secretary, Frances Morrison

Frances Morrison Club Secretary
Frances Morrison,  Club Secretary
Sandy Bremner, Convenor
Sandy Bremner,  Convenor
Sam Miller, Vice Convenor
Sam Miller,                   Vice Convenor
Gordon Shepherd, Treasurer
Gordon Shepherd, Treasurer


David Gavine,             Club Plan Coordinator & Database Mgr


Mandy Gordon,          Club Manager & Social Conveno
Frances J,
Frances Jamieson,  House Convenor
Linda McLachlan, M’mbership Secretary
Eric page,
Eric Page,          Property Convenor

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