August 2020 – Return to rowing


  • All members must follow the COVID-19 Scottish Government Guidelines and control measures put in place to avoid any outbreak both at home and at RTYC.  Everyone has a duty of care to take their own health and safety and that of others who may be effected by their acts or emissions.
  • In the event of a further ’Lockdown’ rowing will be suspended immediately until Scottish Government deem it is safe to return.
  • There will be no Show and Row session or rotating crews for the foreseeable future.
  • Sorry no handshakes, hugs, fist pumps or high fives.
  • Do not attempt to row if you feel unwell, or have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  • Social distancing must be adhered to before and after rowing. Please do not congregate on the beach.
  • The Beach Club House remains closed along with the changing rooms.  Toilets are open and should not be used for changing.  Please use on a one in one out basis.
  • ‘Field of play’ bubble – further information to follow.
  • Only the five crew members who have made the booking to launch and retrieve the boat with no shore assistance/contact.
  • Attendance Register/Track & Protect forms will be held securely for 21 days and destroyed thereafter.
  • Only personal life jackets, buoyancy aids to be used.  Club gear is not available.  Do not share water bottles and dispose after use in the bins provided.  Please don’t leave any litter.
  • Boats to be washed with soapy water paying particular attention the gunwhales, seats, tiller, painter and launching trolley handles.
  • Booking times will be a maximum of two hours with times for the two boats staggered.  This is to reduce any possibility of transmission of COVID-19 between groups of people. The time allocation is 30 minutes to wash the boat down and set up to row, one hour rowing and 30 minutes to wash the boat down again and store gear before securing in the Boathouse.  Booking sheets will be amended accordingly.  *
  • Please consider that we haven’t rowed in Bochty or Arthur Nicoll for almost six months.  Consider the fitness of the crew, reduce intensity of exercise and stay closer to “home”, no expeditions until a further relaxation in SCRA/SportsScotland Guidance.  Particular care needs to be exercised to avoid the need for outside assistance from the RNLI or any third party.




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