Royal Tay Yacht Club

Privacy Statement for Members

This information which follows applies to members of the Royal Tay Yacht Club. For information about how personal data is processed by Alba Beer Festival, please see the separate website.

The RTYC collects personal data which you provide to us that is needed to enable you to gain benefit from your membership. We do not collect personal data from any other source.

Members have the right to request a copy of the data held by the club and we will respond quickly and without charge. Members can also ask for data to be corrected or to be deleted, as long as that does not interfere with the club’s ability to manage your membership.

We use this information to manage your membership subscriptions and provide you with the information you need to make the best use of your membership. We have to have a legal basis to process this information and in our case, we say that we need this information in order to manage the contract that the club has with its members. The vast majority of members receive communications by email. You may opt to have official correspondence (subscription renewal notices, AGM announcements etc.) by post rather than email. You may opt to not receive newsletter emails about club events.

We do not share your data with other companies or organisations for them to contact you or use your data in any way.

Membership information is processed online by on behalf of the club. Access to the data is strictly controlled to officers and staff responsible for subscription management. Contact details are shared with other officers responsible for sections of the club to compile contact lists. Again, members are asked when they join which lists they want to be on and can change their mind at any point. Facilities convenors are provided with the relevant members’ subscription information so they may manage club facilities efficiently.

Members’ data is erased when the member ceases to be a member of the club. An archive of membership is retained on a secure online system (Dropbox) for historical purposes and to enable accurate restoration of membership for anyone re-joining the club. The legal basis for this is that the club has a legitimate interest in continuing to hold this data. However, members may request that this be erased at point of resignation or anytime thereafter.

Adults engaged in RYA training or the carers of children (under 18) who enrol on the cadet training programme are asked to provide relevant medical information and an emergency contact. Your consent to provide the medical information has to be freely given and you can withdraw consent at any time. This information is shared with the course instructors and is erased when the course is finished. Data related to members’ experience and qualifications is held by the club for two purposes; firstly, to help manage members’ training pathway and secondly as a requirement of the RYA for the club’s status as a training provider.

Members who take part in sporting events (regattas and such like) normally complete an application form with contact details and boat details, if appropriate. This information is used to manage races

and compile results. The results of races are logged in sailwave. The results may also be uploaded to the club website and provided to sailing organisations that the club has links to. Sailors engaged in racing will also have contact details uploaded to Dutyman which is used to allocate sailing duties.

If you have any queries about our Privacy Policy, please contact the Club Manager in the first instance.